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Hi :) My name is Madison White, I'm 19 years old and from Essex in the UK.
My passion is wakeboarding and travelling and this website allows me to share my wakeboarding journey as I travel the world and enjoy the sport I love.

I started cable wakeboarding at my local lake in 2014 after spending a lot of my younger years on the water jet-skiing and wakeboarding behind boat before I found the cable. In a relatively short time I’ve already visited loads of different countries, been to some beautiful places and met some fantastic people, can’t wait to see where the future takes me.

Keep up to date with what I’m up to and where I am through my Instagram and check out my latest edits, photos, blogs and vlogs here !!!!

Getting ready for 2019 !!!

Made some big changes to my wakeboarding direction in 2018 and now heading into 2019.
In 2017 I slowly started realising that I needed to be myself, make my own choices and take my own direction. Wakeboarding to me is about my expression, about fun, about style, its become my lifestyle even at a relatively young age, whether i'm riding, operating, docking, coaching kids, its just me... Even though I was a UK sponsored rider I wasn't riding the board I wanted to be riding, I wasn't wearing the clothing I wanted to, wasn't using the helmet I wanted to etc etc, so to help me on my journey it was time I found the products and the companies that I felt were right for me, ones that I believed in and ones that I felt I could successfully represent and promote for the future....  
And here I am so proud to be heading into 2019 representing and promoting these international brands across the world and in the UK....

I'm a cable rider, an obstacle rider, a freerider...
so why not ride the best cable boards out there designed for riders like me !!!

DUP. Double Up Wakeboards. Since 1996

The most comfortable and protective helmets... fact....

Sandbox UK

if you haven't got a chill'n'shred hoodie, are you actually a board rider ?

It's all about having fun and riding with your bros

bro! Clothing

There is no better lace locking system on the planet




2017 EDIT
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