25 Sep 2018

I’ve been back from Aus now for 5 months and I have so much I need to catch you guys up on…

Ok, let me think… where do I start…

Ok so, firstly, these last few months I’ve been shredding in some of the coolest gear in the game. This season I had a change up and have been riding for Slingshot, Rideengin...

1 Apr 2018

While I’m in Australia the Boardstock series is on, so thought I may aswell do a bit of travelling, see a bit of the country and get involved.

Stop 1 at Penrith, I was working the entire weekend of the comp and I hadn’t been riding heaps before because I’d been working a lot, so I was a bit indecisiv...

1 Nov 2017

I'm off to Aus…

So, about to travel out to Australia to live and work there for the next 6 months…

Ok, its just dawning on me that this is huge!!

I'm about to go across the other side of the world, on my own, I've already been away from home and my family for 2 months, and now another 6 months to go an...

11 Oct 2017

So today I celebrate my 18th birthday in the Philippines!!!!

I have just spent the last month shredding at CWC which is my idea of paradise, I’ve had awesome groups of people come and go over the past few weeks and have met so many rad riders. But today is my birthday and once again I’m with another...

1 Oct 2017

A video/documentary project by Courtney Angus


My own personal journey with #OutofthekitchenWAKE started in the middle of May when I met Courtney Angus for the first time in Hip Notics Cable Park. I was staying there for 6 weeks training and progressing my wakeboarding and Courtney...

5 Jun 2017

 so in hipnotics a few weeks ago, i bumped into 'Courtney Angus' (@courtneyangus) while she was on her 2018 Hyperlite shoot! Me and Courtney became really good friends straight away, and spent most of the week together! we made the most of each other to get some footage for an insta video (which wil...

3 Jun 2017

I’m back!!

I’m now home from Turkey after 5 weeks of being in hipnotics.

As you know, this trip has been a pretty big deal for me as its my first time away from home and travelling on my own, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.

Hipnotics has progressed my riding in so many ways!! I’ve learnt tons of n...

19 Apr 2017

I’m off on another adventure! But this one’s a bit different…

I’m currently on my way to Antalya, Turkey and heading to Hip notics cable park for 6 weeks and I’m super excited because Hip notics is one of my favourite places to progress my riding with the perks of the sun and awesome vibe :) I’ve bee...

4 Jan 2017

YAAYY its official, me and Mary have just booked to get back out to CWC on the 30th of January to stay there for 6 weeks and I couldn’t be more excited!!

I’ve been home for just over a week now and it’s so cold here and I haven’t been riding.

So I decided going back out to the Philippines after Christ...

21 Dec 2016

Sadly my trip in the Philippines has come to an end:((

I have honestly had the best time out here, I’ve loved riding this cable and learning new stuff in the sun!

I’ve met new friends from around the world and I have honestly enjoyed every minute of exploring this incredible country.

I’ve done a lot of...

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