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Plastic playground has been such an amazing experience!

This week I competed in the amateur junior ladies category in plastic, my 3rd ever competition, and i am so stoked to have come away with 1st place on the podium. I also decided to put myself in the pro women category for some experience to see what it was like to ride with some of the best women riders in the world! But Because of some of the riders dropping out, all the women where put straight through to the quarter finals!...

Being on the dock with the pros for the first run was soo scary, especially as i was first off the dock!! After my first run i was so pumped. I was then Standing on the dock watching the other women in my heat go out for there run, i felt crazy being a 16 girl competing against all these grown women who do this for a living!

Once the quarterfinals where over, i waited for the results to see who had made the semis. To my surprise i came 2nd in my heat, meaning i went straight through to the semi-finals which was the last thing i expected to happen! I was then given the list of ladies in my next heat and i was so nervous, but i stayed calm and landed my run, i didn't quite do everything i wanted but i was still happy with how it went. It then came to results again and even though i missed out on finals by 1point, i was still stoked on making it as far as i did!

This really has been an amazing experience and I'm exited for next year! :)

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