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Off on my travels...

so today was my last ride in England before i set off with the NewForest crew to go to the Philippines.

Today was about 9 degrees at liquid leisure, and for half of my ride i couldn't feel my hands or face! i only managed to ride for about 2 hours before my hands were fully unable to pass the handle.

but next wednesday i won't have this problem, as il be in 30 degrees heat riding at CWC. I'm super exited to be spending a month in the Philippines with a good group of people and I'm exited to see how much i can push myself and improve my riding at such an awesome cable park:)

This Monday I'm off to new forest for a few days before we go to catch our first plane on Wednesday. First flight is 7 hours from Heathrow to Dubai which means we get a 3 hour stop over in the city before our second flight on the Thursday. Dubai to Manila, an 8 hour flight. We get to stay in Manila for the night in some posh hotel with a casino in, which should be pretty fun time! Lastly, our flight to Naga is only an hour long and we will then get the cwc bus to the complex and arrive there friday afternoon:) so I'm guessing we will all be pretty exuasted by the time we get there so who knows what we will do that afternoon but I'm sure il keep you posted:)

see ya soon england!

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