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GoodBye CWC...

Sadly my trip in the Philippines has come to an end:((

I have honestly had the best time out here, I’ve loved riding this cable and learning new stuff in the sun!

I’ve met new friends from around the world and I have honestly enjoyed every minute of exploring this incredible country.

I’ve done a lot of filming this trip and I have just spent my last day filming some hits so you can go check out my little insta edit from my ride today.

Although it took me about a week of convincing, I finally manned up and hit cwc’s scary looking concreate bi-level plaza, and im so glad I did! The plaza was something totally different to anything ive ever done before but there was no way I was coming to cwc and letting it defeat me without me even being on it. Well it soon become my favourite thing. After just hitting the rails a few times I started to become braver, throwing back 1’s off and hitting them toeside and after a few rides up there I had I decent bunch of hits I was proud of so of course I got them on film and made a small edit for my Instagram.

So im now on my way back home to England, well I cant say im overly excited about riding in freezing tempretures but I suppose I cant really stay out here forever haha.

Its been fun CWC

Thanks for the experience!!

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