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Off on another adventure! But this one's a bit different...

I’m off on another adventure! But this one’s a bit different…

I’m currently on my way to Antalya, Turkey and heading to Hip notics cable park for 6 weeks and I’m super excited because Hip notics is one of my favourite places to progress my riding with the perks of the sun and awesome vibe :) I’ve been there 3 times before, each time with a big group of wakeboard mates & family, but this time I’m not with a group, I’m travelling and staying on my own. Now I know this might not seem like a big deal, but for me this is massive!! Considering that this time last year I wouldn’t even go to the shops to buy food on my own because I was always too scared and anxious !!! but, I'm doing it, this is a pretty big thing for me!! I’m so appreciative of my parents giving me opportunity’s like this and like being able to go CWC with my friends like i did over winter, they drive me around the country to give me all the chances to become the wakeboarder they believe I can be! And thanks to them believing in me, I’m now beginning to believe in myself too! So I’m so pumped to get out to Hip notics to shred their new layout with their rad looking Unit hack set up, learn new tricks and hopefully meet new people!

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