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I'm back from Turkey!!

I’m back!!

I’m now home from Turkey after 5 weeks of being in hipnotics.

As you know, this trip has been a pretty big deal for me as its my first time away from home and travelling on my own, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.

Hipnotics has progressed my riding in so many ways!! I’ve learnt tons of new tricks but I’ve also gained so much confidence and creativity on my board which is something I’ve been lacking. While being out their, I’ve had no one to push me, and I was so scared that without anyone to push me, I was going to struggle, but I didn’t, and that’s where my creativity has come from. Along the way I made loads of friends which was super nice to have people to ride with once in a while but as stupid as it sounds I’ve always travelled with friends and family and not having them to rely on to make friends was actually a massive shock to me but I done well haha.

So overall, I think this trip has been a start of something good:))

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