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Big adventures ahead!!

so in hipnotics a few weeks ago, i bumped into 'Courtney Angus' (@courtneyangus) while she was on her 2018 Hyperlite shoot! Me and Courtney became really good friends straight away, and spent most of the week together! we made the most of each other to get some footage for an insta video (which will be out soon) It was so fun riding with another girl for once!!!

Anyway... by the end of the week we had spent lots of time together and she had mentioned to me about an all girl project she was planning that involved traveling 10 parks in Germany and making an edit out of it to show the progression of female wakeboarding. Well to my surprise, the day i got back from hipnotics i got an email inviting me on this trip, but the thing is, my flight leaves tomorrow... but there is NO WAY I'm turning this opportunity down!!

So I'm home for 3 days unpacking and packing again... excited is an understatement!

see ya soon Germany!

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