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My 18th !!!

So today I celebrate my 18th birthday in the Philippines!!!!

I have just spent the last month shredding at CWC which is my idea of paradise, I’ve had awesome groups of people come and go over the past few weeks and have met so many rad riders. But today is my birthday and once again I’m with another awesome bunch of people.

So today we all woke up with a little bit of a hangover… and we walked outside and the weather was shitty:(( but we all decided to head down to the cable and jump on the aqua park for a mess around. So we made our way down to the cable in the rain in nothing but our swim suits, impact vests and rain coats (which must of looked bloody hilarious!!!)

We went and got our bands and headed straight to the aqua park… there was nobody else on it and the sun had finally come out, so we all went charging on, already in fits of laughter pushing each other off the walk way before we were even on the inflatables. We had relay races, we had ‘who could fly the highest off the pillow’, we basically spent the whole hour being kids… and I got it all on go pro:))

By the time the hour was up everyone was knackered!!! But the day wasn’t even half over yet, so we all got on our boards and went for a shred, then a knee board, then a ski!

We had all planned to go out for dinner that night then out for a few drinks, so we rounded up the group to go to the restaurant and headed out. We went to one of my favourite places to eat in the Philippines and I actually hadn’t been there on this trip yet so I was super excited! We had a group of out 15 of us and we all must of ate for about 30 people! We ate SOO much, and of course it was washed down by a nice bottle of wine:))

After dinner we were all planning on going out to a karaoke bar but we was all so tired and the rain had started to come pouring down again so we decided to just grab a tuk tuk and make our way home!

Check out my little birthday edit I made!!

Such an awesome day!

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