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Boardstock 2018

While I’m in Australia the Boardstock series is on, so thought I may aswell do a bit of travelling, see a bit of the country and get involved.

Stop 1 at Penrith, I was working the entire weekend of the comp and I hadn’t been riding heaps before because I’d been working a lot, so I was a bit indecisive on whether to compete or not… well I decided the day before that I was going to do it. I didn’t really ride great on the day and the other girls where shredding so hard so I wasn’t expecting much, ended up 3rd (which was actually pretty much last) as there was a lack of girls in the comp. I still had so much fun riding as I was actually supposed to be working so I took it as an awesome 10 min break from work on a beautiful flat lake in the sun:)) The vibe seemed awesome over at lake 6 so I was a little bit gutted I couldn’t hang out because I was over on lake 10, and it was sooo busy!!

But anyway, was still fun and a little break from work :)

So, over the last few years of me wakeboarding I’ve entered a few comps, and I’ve realised I just don't handle the stress and anxiety of competing very well at all… so I’ve decided to have a total change of mind and attitude towards competing and I’m trying out this new positive mind set on the next few rounds of Boardstock. Normally if I don’t ride well in my run, I would dwell on it and put myself down about it, which then affects my riding for the next few weeks, but I’ve now realised, I can’t let every comp determine me as a rider, I can’t expect my run/riding to be perfect every time I wakeboard or compete, it’s OK to have a bad day on ya board!! Watching how some people react at comps and seeing them be so distraught about crashing, being angry at how they rode and being so completely cut about not making podium kills me because I know exactly how they feel, we have all been there, and to be brutally honest it so not worth getting yourself worked up over and I hope people can read this and try to change their mind set and realise enjoying it is so much easier than stressing over it. You should do it because you enjoy it not because you need to prove anything, Just because you don’t win doesn’t mean you’re not good at what you do. Just because you didn’t ride great in one comp, doesn’t mean you’re not a good rider. It means you may have just had a bad day. Use it to motivate you, to push you to learn more tricks or to gain more confidence, everything you do is a learning curve.

So on stop 2 at Gold Coast, I went out for my run and was lucky enough to be riding with Jamie Lopina, one of my best friends I hadn’t seen in a while and I had the best ride ever! Hearing people say “that’s the best I’ve seen you ride in ages” and “you looked so relaxed out there” made me feel even better about it! I then went back over to the dock to chill with Jamie in the water to hear mine and her name called out to have made finals! We were so completely stoked for each other!! In finals, I tried some new things that didn’t go in my favour, as I crashed on the back straight while still having a few minutes left on the clock, but I honestly didn’t care, I walked back to the dock watching the girls ride with the BIGGEST smile on my face! I manage to get 4th place and it felt amazing!! Going into a comp not expecting anything and coming out with a place was awesome!! This weekend has been awesome and I really hope I can keep up this positive mind set, it may not sound like much but I’m so proud of myself for being so optimistic, this really is a big step for me and I hope me sharing this can help someone else make that big step for themselves!

Peace out homies :))

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