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UPDATE Summer 2018

I’ve been back from Aus now for 5 months and I have so much I need to catch you guys up on…

Ok, let me think… where do I start…

Ok so, firstly, these last few months I’ve been shredding in some of the coolest gear in the game. This season I had a change up and have been riding for Slingshot, Rideengine, Sandbox and bro! which is possibly the best decision I’ve made in my fairly short wakeboarding journey (along WAPH who I was already with), I love rep’ing these brands and I’ve realised how important it is to ride the board you want to ride and like to ride, it makes a lot of difference to ride with a smile on your face and I’ve really noticed it !!! also, using the products you genuinely believe in makes it’s so much easier to promote then and as cringe as it sounds, I feel like changing to these brands has helped me find myself as a rider... yes I know, cringe. But its true! I feel I’ve found my style on and off the water.

Anyway, once I got back from Aus I decided to head to turkey and Hip Notics to try and start my season off right. If I’m honest, while I was in Aus I wasn’t ridiculously into my wakeboarding and that’s because I’d been working pretty much full time at Cables Wake Park in Penrith and loved what I was doing coaching, docking and operating, but I’m a person who vibes off other people and gets motivated by others and I need good energy around me, and as cool as it was to have a cable to myself during some days when not working, I just had no on to ride with, during the week all my friends would be at work while I was riding alone and then on the weekends and afternoons when they were riding, I’d be working. So I kinda struggled to get motivated to ride.

BUTTT ANYWAYYYYYY… I decided now I wasn’t in Aus working, I should head to hipnotics and get my shred back on again:)) While I was away for a few weeks I had loads of people to shred with and I slowly started building up my confidence and my riding level again.

Soon after my trip to Hip Notics it was time for Plastic Playground at Liquid. It was sooo good to see everyone and I had so much fun, like I said in one of my previous blog, I’m not a fan of competing and being competitive, and in this year’s plastic heat I was up against 2 of my best friends so I was pretty gutted at first because they are both insane riders. But I changed my mind set and went out to ride with my besties and just had fun! I didn’t quite land the tricks I wanted so I just missed out, but I’m still learning to deal with the pressure and situations like that, so It’s all a good learning curve! :))

Ok, NEXT!!! Haha

During the summer holidays I spent my time down new forest and coached a few ladies mornings, and to the girls who came, I’m sorry I didn’t bring the sun with me!! So get this, every other Sunday is a ladies morning, and guess what, it rained, and when I say rained I mean POURED, every single ladies morning!!! BUT, we didn’t let that stop us from shredding (or dancing and singing on the dock haha) and it was still a blast. Oh and while on the topic of ladies morning, my not so little anymore sister had attended a few ladies morning this summer too and has progressed SOO much this summer! So me being the annoying big sister I am, I try and push her and annoy her until her little (not so) innocent mouth tells me to… f*** off HAHA (sorry millie I suppose this counts as me snitching on you for swearing haha) anyway, anything I’d tell her to do she would be like “nope not doing it” and then me being me would jump out on the carrier in front of her and do the same as what I had told her to do until she gave in and had to gave it a go. And not only would she try it, she would normally land it first try…

So I decided to treat her and get her a brand new 2018 slingshot set up to keep her motivated to keep progressing, and my god she didn’t stop. She went from starting this summer just about hitting the tiny wedge and rainbow to hitting the medium kicker, throwing 180s and grabs off it and sending 360s across the rainbow!! I mean as annoying as she is I was maybe a little bit proud of her, only a little bit:))

Moving onto the more recent couple weeks, I visited a place called Spot On Wake which has a couple of system 2’s with one on a dedicated big bi level and a pool, and when I say big I mean really big! It was insane there I had such a good weekend, there was a group of about 6 of us that jammed the set up all afternoon and evening which my god was so tiring but I got the sickest shot from a rad photographer I know called Jay Hawley. I also had a pretty gnarly crash in the making of the photo, let’s just say front edges onto grass hurt just a tad haha!

I’m now actually back in hipnotics before I jet off for the winter to escape the cold weather that has suddenly hit England. While being out here, i bumped into Agne Simanskyte and she has really helped me start upping my social media, i’ve learnt a lot from her in the past few weeks i’ve been here, so i’m very excited to stick to making my insta story’s as regular and as interesting as i can along with staying active with my insta posts with lifestyle and wakeboarding media:)

So next month, October, I’ll be jetting off for the winter again, starting off with Bali with my girl Taylor McCullough for the Bali Plastic Playground which I’m super excited for, and then from their I’ll head to phillies for a bit and then see where my board takes after that!

Il try keep my blogs a little more up to date while I’m traveling this winter because I do secretly enjoy doing them:))

Peace Out Homies!!

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